Considering continuing rapid economic development in Azerbaijan and new oil and gas projects in Azerbaijan that created a demand for new rigs, on June 4, 2013 “Caspian Drilling Company Ltd” owned by State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic and “Keppel Offshore & Marine Ltd” concluded the respective agreements for construction of a new sixth generation semi-submersible drilling rig for operations in the Caspian Sea.

Having taken the economic importance of the project into account, the investment was entrusted to State Oil Company of the Azerbaijan Republic and State Oil Fund of the Republic of Azerbaijan. They respectively became the founders of “Azerbaijan Rigs” LLC that had been established for the purpose of this project. One of the main defined responsibilities of “Azerbaijan Rigs” LLC is to ensure cost-efficient financing of the project supported by both shareholders and financed by state funds.


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The construction of the sixth generation semi-submersible drilling rig that began on July 17 2013 is designed according to the Keppel FELS’ proprietary model DSS38M. Capable of operating in depth of 1,000m of water, the rig is built to drill up to 12,000m. The pontoons have been designed for the rig to transit in channels with shallow draft of less than seven meters.

The new drilling rig accommodates 160 crew members to work comfortably and safe, and its first operations are planned to be carried out in the most prospective structures of Azerbaijan. The rig is has been delvered in Q4 2018.



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